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Refereed Articles

  1. Arango, A. and Burgos, A. (2022) “Neither Race nor Ethnicity: Latinidad as a Social Affordance.” Journal of Social Philosophy. Access pdf here.
  2. Arango, A. and Lustig, N. (2022) “Ignorance and Cultural Diversity: The Ethical Obligations of the Behavior Analyst.” Behavior Analysis in Practice.
  3. Arango, A. and Howard, M. (2021) “Re-Envisioning the Philosophy Classroom Through Metaphors.” Teaching Philosophy, 44(2): 121-144.
  4. Arango, A. (2019). “From Sensorimotor Dependencies to Perceptual Practices: Making Enactivism Social.” Adaptive Behavior, 27(1): 31–45.
    1. Arango, A. (2019). “Social Enactivism about Perception — Reply to McGann.” Adaptive Behavior, 27(2): 161–162.
  5. Arango, A. (2019) “Expresión, intersubjetividad y mundo perceptual.” Acta fenomenológica latinoamericana: Vol. VI: 279–293. Access pdf here.
  6. Arango, A. (2016). “Animal Groups and Social Ontology: An Argument from the Phenomenology of Behavior.” Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 15(3): 403–22.
  7. Arango, A. (2015). “Moral Clumsiness.” Think 14(40): 93–99.
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Under Review

  • “Resting Content: Unclarity in Everyday Perceptions” (with Carolyn Cusick). R&R.
  • “The Social Identity Affordance View: A Theory of Social Identities” (with Adam Burgos). Under peer-review.

Work In-Progress


  • “From Action to Practices: A Social Theory of Perception” (under contract, with Lexington Books/Rowman & Littlefield; manuscript under development).
  • “Reconsidering Latinidad: A Social Identity Beyond Race and Ethnicity” (co-authored, manuscript under development; proposal under peer-review at Columbia University Press).

Edited Volumes

  • “New Perspectives on the Ontology of Social Identities” (in-progress)


  • “The two-way road between high-level perception and direct social perception.” (Undergoing revisions)
  • “More than Intersubjectivity: Jorge Mañach and Jorge Portilla on Sociality.” (Advanced draft)
  •  “Ethical selves as guests and hosts: non-indifference, moral orientation, and systemic racism.” (Advanced draft)
  • “Animate motion, human movement, and Siegel’s hijacked perceptions.” (Under development)
  • “Augustine on the Objects of Perception.” (Under development)


  • Arango, A. (2020, May 28). La pregunta es ética, no legal, para Jorge Rodrigo Tovar (“The question is ethical, not legal, for Jorge Rodrigo Tovar”). El Tiempo.