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Work in Progress

  • “The two-way road between high-level perception and direct social perception”, article (submitted to Philosophy Compass).
  • Let’s Show the Value! Retrospective of a Philosophy-Based, Humanities Postdoc at Tennessee State University, pedagogy-oriented article (submitted to Journal of General Education).
  • “Our understanding of others involves the perception of high-level properties,” article (completion date 07/20).
  • “Social identities and other minds”, article (completion date 08/20).
  • “Non-indifference towards the Suffering of Others: Morality, Empathy and the Extended Self”, article (completion date 07/20).
  • “The Aspectuality of Perception,” article.
  •  “From Action to Practices: A Social Theory of Perception”, book manuscript. 


  • “The promise of non-adversarial metaphors for the practice of teaching philosophy” (with Maria Howard, Gonzaga University, Philosophy).
  • “Assessment Methods and Interventions Tools in Behavior Analysis: The Ethical Case for Adjustment Toward Multicultural Competence” (with Nicole Lustig, Gonzaga University, Special Education).
  • “Does Seeing Blurry Translate to Other Senses? On the Normative Import of Indistinct Perception” (with Carolyn Cusick, California State University Fresno, Philosophy).