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Under Review (Oct. 2021)

  • “Neither Race nor Ethnicity: Latinidad as a Social Affordance” (With Adam Burgos, Bucknell University).
  • “The two-way road between high-level perception and direct social perception.”
  • “Ignorance and The Ethical Obligations of Behavior Analysts Regarding Cultural Diversity.” (With Dr. Nicole Lustig)

Work In-Progress

  • “Neither Race nor Ethnicity: On Latinidad” (With Adam Burgos, Bucknell University). In development as book manuscript and NEH collaborative grant research proposal.
  • “More than Intersubjectivity: Jorge Mañach and Jorge Portilla on Sociality”
  • “Ethical selves as guests and hosts: non-indifference, moral orientation, and systemic racism.”
  • “The (Lack of) Normative Import of Distinct-Indistinct Perceptions Across The Senses” (co-authored.)
  • “Animate motion, human movement, and Siegel’s hijacked perceptions”
  • “A Humanities Postdoc: A Chance to Catch Up With Teaching Training?”
  • “From Action to Practices: A Social Theory of Perception”, book manuscript. 
  • “Augustine on the Objects of Perception.”